• Unlimited Mobile Data in Canada

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    I called Telus, as my phone was hooped. Turns out that they’ve been calling my land line to try to reach me and tell me that my mobile was going to be turned off.

    Land line?  I don’t have a landline.

    “Your home number, in Vancouver”

    She read off my previous mobile number from Vancouver. They’ve been trying to call my old mobile number; you’d think that they’d know based on my account history if nothing else.

    I have become a bit sick of paying through the nose for data and voice connectivity, so I followed up my call to accounts with a call to the client care people.

    “Help me stop paying $100 a month for things I don’t use!”

    It was rather easy to trim the fat off the data side of things, moving from a rate $45 per month for a very small amount of data (100MB) to a $15 data plan that features UNLIMITED data. Google Maps Mobile, here I come!

    Maybe the iPhone isn’t far behind now.


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