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    What do you do when you’re just not finding satisfaction in your work? When you move from one position with little power and respect to another position with little power and respect and find nothing changing for the better? They all seem to be about the same, with different faces and different benefits packages.

    Some people would say that I should start my own company, work for myself. I don’t really want to do that for a number of reasons, but top among them is that I hate computer consulting, and that’s really the only thing I have experience in. I can make computers work for me, but I don’t really WANT to.

    Oh, I enjoy it when I’m working on my own stuff; then it’s a hobby, an interest. It’s not work…

    I just read a post at gaping void that really summed it up for me. Computers were always my hobby, and then thanks to the internet boom, I ended up doing nothing but working with computers… making them run, making them burn through venture capital dollars like nothing.

    “That’s why you should never turn your hobby into your job,” said one of my friends, someone far older and wiser than me. “Before, this man had a job and a hobby. Now suddenly, he’s just got the job, but no hobby anymore. But a man needs both, you see. And now what does this man, who’s always had a hobby, do with his time?”

    Here we are ten years later, and I’m doing the same shit. I’m punching buttons and making things appear on screens and in printer output trays and winging missives from New York to Tokyo. It’s just not a challenge anymore, and I really don’t like it any more. Maybe I should just do the Masters program full time…


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