• Overheard at Wal*Mart

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    I was in Wal*Mart last weekend, spending money off a gift card we received for ChriFSMmas. There were some 100 stacks of DVD blanks on for $18, and I was in need of backing up some data, so it was a decent option.

    Wal*Mart is not a place I’d normally go when we were in Vancouver; the west coast stores are horrible even in the spring and summer, when they weren’t in full ChriFSMas sales mode. They’re full of the worst kind of people; white trash with attitudes of entitlement. These are people who will run over you with their cart and then yell at you for bleeding on them from injuries they caused.

    I’ve seen fights break out in them, and I’ve been tempted to push little old ladies down escalators in them. There’s just something about them in Vancouver; some sort of Distortion Field that corrupts the minds of western bargain seekers. If there’s one place in Halifax where people are, if not nice, at least less obnoxious than people in Vancouver, it’s within the effect of the Wal*Mart Distortion Fields.

    I’m not sure if it’s that people in Wal*Marts are worse in Vancouver, or if the people not in Wal*Marts are worse in Halifax. It could merely be the amount variation from the mean; no pun intended.

    Anyhow, I started off to mention a silly thing I heard an electronics clerk tell someone. A customer with an eastern European accent that I couldn’t place was asking if an external hard drive would work overseas. The clerk said “I wouldn’t try it; hard drives are delicate and might not work right.” All you need is a travel converter, and you’re fine. You might just need to replace the bit of the cord from the transformer to the wall; a $5 purchase when you get home. Basically the same as for any TV, printer, computer, etc. I don’t expect 18 year old clerks to be well traveled, but some passing familiarity with electronic products would be nice.

    My theory was that people who worked and shopped at the Halifax Shopping Centre Wal*Mart weren’t as obnoxious as those at the ones in Vancouver; at least until today when Tania found a staffer who I can only guess was imported from Vancouver.


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