• The Best Of Foo: The Family Circus Reviews

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    I didn’t write any of the original Amazon reviews, but it’s one of the pieces that brings a lot of outside viewers. Well, this and a google search for “Naked Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen.” Go check; I’ll wait.

    From 11 Jan 2005:

    Not since the vibrating Harry Potter toy vibrator… er… BROOM have I seen anything quite as amusing. One of the highlights is that the REAL reviews are voted as being unhelpful, and the ‘joke’ reviews are rated as very helpful. There seems to be an attack on goodness and decency and Bil Keane on a number of books;

    39 of 39 people found the following review helpful:
    America’s favorite perverted family, December 22, 2004
    Reviewer: Floyd’s Garage “Punk Rocker” (Pembroke Pines, FL USA) – See all my reviews
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    You’ll laugh out loud as Billy continues his efforts to sodomize Barfy. PJ looks on with whimscical amusemnt as Dolly ‘discovers’ herself. Dolly may have pudgy little legs, but that doesn’t stop the boy next door from noticing her. He really likes her ‘developing, ripening buds’.

    You’ll also enjoy daddy as he finally decides he’s had enough and goes to the red-light district in search of cheap floozies. He discovers prices aren’t what they used to be, but he falls for a transvestite who calls himself Wilma. Little does he know that Wilma and Thel eventually hook up leaving daddy alone again with nothing to do but watch Dolly and the neighbor boy.

    All in all, the Family Circus is good, clean, sexy fun.

    The full quoted piece from 2005


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