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    The skinned feet were hung by the chimney with care…

    by  • 12/24/2007 • art • 1 Comment

    May all the children you open this year have just what you want inside them! That sounds much more wrong than I wanted it to… Anyhow… Thanks to Rob from Sketchblog for this; he even has it in widescreen format for those of you still in need of a seasonal desktop wallpaper. If I didn’t […]

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    Quoting The Bible To Believers

    by  • 12/24/2007 • atheism, religion • 2 Comments

    More fun over at the local paper with comments open on a story about Christmas for Non-Christians. After previous stories featuring comments by people stating that everyone needs to be forced to take the day off and stay at home and celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas (r). What was that about the Devil quoting […]

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