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    I stopped at the drug store today to buy some allergy meds and was stuck in the slow line; I can pick them at this store without fail, without even trying.

    Anyhow, the woman two spots ahead of me finished her transaction, and with a pleasant smile, this evil whore said to the cashier “Thank you. Happy holidays!”


    Or at least that’s what the cashier thought. She complained loudly, yelling “No! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I’m taking Christmas BACK!” She then compared notes with the person in front of me about how it was disgusting that people were allowed to get away with saying “Season’s Greetings” and such non-Christmas greetings. Cashier even opted to take her merry Halifax time with this customer who was pro-Christmas, so I gave up and moved to a line that wasn’t moving at extra slow speed.

    Seriously? If the store has a policy of wishing Season’s Greetings or Merry Christmas or whatever, fine. I don’t care what you say; it doesn’t bother me that you wish me Merry Christmas. However, you have zero right to tell your customers how they should act according to your political or religious affiliations or preferences.

    There’s no war on Christmas; trust me. I’m an atheist and I pay my dues and go to the meetings. We did have a short lived Kybosh Kwanzaa project, but that didn’t fare so well in the press.

    “I’m curious if it’s normal for customers to be berated for saying “Happy Holidays” by a clerk that states that they’re going to take Christmas back. She went on long after the target of her anger had left the store. Anger, at Christmas time, over people who don’t respect Christmas. Is it a Lawton’s policy that your cashiers should berate customers for ANY reason at all?”

    Oddly, I had an email response from a human being inside of 5 minutes. They want more detail on the store and cashier.


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