• Medical Insurance in action (inaction?)

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    Writerdd is a skepchick, and she hates America in her latest entry that shows blatant support of The Terrorists in her unjustified rant against the glorious US medical insurance system

    “I just came from the pharmacy where my doctor called in a generic prescription for me. She called in the generic, because my insurance company refused to pay for the brand-name drug she prescribed first. Guess what? They are refusing to pay for the generic as well. This from a company to which my job pays over $400 a month for my premium just me, my husband has separate insurance from his job.”

    So, nearly $5000 every year for insurance that covers little of anything? What an excellent system; for the insurers. To here the anti-universal-coverage types speak about “socialized” medicine as it exists in Canada and other countries, you’d think that simply holding an “I’m Insured” membership card in the US would be a key card to a panacea of services.

    I’ve paid for my own extended medical before here in Canada, as that’s the only way that a normal person is going to get all their drugs covered, and that ran me about $280 in a group plan for my wife and I for decent drug coverage (80-90%) (plus dental and disability insurance and such). I have never had to fight to have a drug covered; no matter what it was for. Narcotic? Pre-existing condition? No trouble at all.

    Though, I’m sure I’m just a brainwashed product of an inferior medical system and don’t know it.


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