• Ozzy in Halifax; maybe he is still crazy

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    I’ve checked in on the Ozzy web page and sure enough, they will be playing in Halifax on January 26. Tickets go on sale on Saturday to the general public, but the Ozzy fans get first crack. I thought, “Hey, I’ll just sign up for that and get the pre-sale code for Ticketmaster (TicketsAtlantic, whatever)”

    The fan club is handling the sales directly, so it’s not just about finding the presales code to use on the ticket agent’s site. You need to pay $45 to join the club, which raises the potential price to around $150 for just the one ticket.

    I have no idea how many seats they have available, but they were already bitching about having to take upper bowl seats. I’ve sat in the upper bowl seats, and they’re pretty shitty sight lines for the most part.

    This just brings up the question of how many tickets were available for presale, and how many will be available to non-fans come Saturday. I’m not entirely sure if I want to spend $100 for a ticket or not; but it is Ozzy… I’d mostly want to be there for photo, but I’m not really on any sort of assignment.

    Maybe I can find someone on crew with a spare set of laminates…


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