• The Chaser’s War on Everything

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    I’ve downloaded a couple episodes of Chaser’s War on Everything, and while I have to admit to being a bit confused by about 30% of the pop culture references, it did make for a good show.

    There’s little that we really get here in North America of what it’s like down under. Name a TV show or movie that you’ve seen lately that was made in Australia by Australians. Name an Australian music group that isn’t AC/DC and doesn’t have a song about Vegemite sandwiches. Name the Prime Minister of Australia. Name an Australian city that’s not Sydney or Melbourne.

    For the Canadians in the room, think of Rick Mercer, along with 3 Rick Mercer clones and maybe Nardwuar; all accosting Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the street to yell insulting or embarrassing questions at him. This is apparently a staple part of Chaser’s War.

    For Americans, there’s nothing that I really think of offhand; maybe an edgier version of The Daily Show? There’s really nothing that I can think of that compares to direct action satire like that done by the CBC in Canada and the ABC in Australia.

    John Edwards gets zapped.

    Jump forward about 2 minutes in the following one to see the snake with the apples…


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