• Kolachy dreams, Miss Moneypenny.

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    Odd collection of dreams… Now I want to find how I can get some frozen Kolachies (Kolachy?) and if I’m going to be shipping frozen food anyway, a couple dozen deluxe steamed buns from New Town Bakery.


    I ran into Kolachy Guy on Spring Garden Road in Halifax. I was walking along listening to some CBC news podcast, and they said “and next we discuss Kolachies… ” just as I turned the corner and ran into him. It was a bit confusing that he was not only in Halifax, but he was one of the old guys collecting bottles in this area of Halifax.

    There’s actually a place at that corner than used to be a bagel shop and that’s being re-painted and renovated for some other use. In this dream, he was in there, cooking up Kolachies. Not to sell to people, but for no reason I could determine…. not if he’s picking bottles out of wasp infested garbage cans.

    He gave me a couple of these tasty bread rolls, but sadly he didn’t have any of the variations I really enjoy. Mixed blessing… He talked about being a host on a CBC radio program too, and that’s why the mention of Kolachies came up on that podcast. He spoke about trying to find wholesale customers for their frozen products, and about how nobody wanted to franchise their idea; that they had received many offers, but only for $16,000 or 600,000. I would have thought 600K would have been enough…

    Bond Car

    I ran into Mrs. Laura LoudChris and she showed me her new car. It was a convertible sports car, with voice recognition, auto drive, and it spoke like KIT from Knight Rider. For some reason the car insisted on calling her Miss Conners. There was an amazing amount of room in the vehicle, with supplies that would allow ten people to survive for a month; cupboards full of canned foods. I can’t think of a disaster that I’d want to ride out in a convertible… tornado? no. torrential rain and flooding? no. earthquake? no. blizzard? no.

    Big head

    This guy with a head 4 times the size of a normal person was being seated in first class. He was very tall, but his head was monsterous; like a seven foot tall baby. Attendants seated him and tipped his seat back all the way, to rest on the legs of two people behind him; the woman bitched about how big headed people shouldn’t be allowed on planes, because they inconvenienced her. She carried on in the way people do, bitching about someone right in front of them as if they can’t hear. Things turned documentary style and there were shots of the cabin and flight crews talking about how much they hated people in general, but how they REALLY hated people who needed extra help.

    There was also something about airports, but I don’t recall it…


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