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    I opened up the program for Halifax Pop Explosion ’07, and I stopped dead. One of the local venues has a page add made up of show announcement posters; not unlike the Commodore Ballroom would have in Vancouver; listing a dozen upcoming shows. Three of the listed shows;

    • KMFDM
    • 3 Inches of Blood
    • Nashville Pussy

    At this point, I’ve been strongly considering checking out any band that originates from west of Regina should they come to this hole on the east coast, let alone any decent band I recognize by name.

    Then I realize that the 3 Inches of Blood show was in September. How did I miss that? Wait a second; KMFDM is tomorrow? What the fuck? Wait a minute; Saturday October 8th? That’s not right… oh hell. They were here in fall 2005. So much for that idea.

    This isn’t an advertisement for shows; it’s a “See, we can get Big Names to come from away!” piece. Waste of time. I need to keep reminding myself; “This is Halifax, and we don’t do things like the Big City. Why don’t you just go back to Vancouver if you like it so much?” Assholes.

    Anyhow, on to the music that I’m going to need to investigate, including a couple Haligonians that somehow manage to have enough initiative to avoid sucking.

    • Be Bad – “Sonic exploration meets howling blasts of anger and aggression. thunder. scream. thunder.
    • Vennt – “The sound of Viking warriors, Jerry Falwell, and 1989 Stanley Cup Champion Lanny McDonald fighting with swords in hell.
    • Torso – “With an ever-expanding arsenal of circuit-bent machines and homemade electronics, Torso creates epic darkness at maximum volume.
    • Husband and Knife – “This man plays minimal and dark folk. The music reflects urban living, drugs, girls, and death… bring the kids.
    • The Moist Towelettes – Pop from Tokyo…

    There are a couple bands that claim to come from Vancouver, but I’ve never heard of them… apparently they never played anywhere in Vancouver. I’ve run into this one other time when a band from Tofino or Kelowna billed themselves as being from Vancouver. An alt-country band by the name of Ox and a pop/indie rock band called Mother Mother are among those I’ve never heard of, and there’s one I have heard of; Pride Tiger.

    I don’t know if I’ll bother with any of these shows or not…


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