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    There’s something about the latest tune from Nardwuar’s band The Evaporators, Float Plane, that makes me think of the Dead Milkmen. Okay, I might just be saying that bbecause I’ve been listening to Beelzebubba a lot in the last couple days, but see what you think with the video below…

    If you don’t see the embedded Youtube video, you can always go right to YouTube.

    Check out The Evaporators’ newest member, Stephen Hamm (Canned Hamm, Slow, Tankhog) being the airplane. I can almost hear him making airplane noises too… Mrrrrrrrrrrarrrrr….

    Also, another sneak peek at the new Mint Records album, Gassy Jack and Other Tales. An MP3 for the track You Got Me Into This, Now You Get Me Out! has just been put up. Between this and all the videos that are going up on YouTube, the whole album is going to be online in one form or another before the album’s available.

    The formal release party is in the form of a 20 Hour Live on Air Interview Marathon radio show, celebrating Nardwuar’s 20 Year (1987-2007) anniversary 9:00pm Thursday November 1st to 5:00 pm Friday November 2nd CiTR FM 101.9 (Listen on line) Vancouver

    Then, after a couple hour nap, Nardwuar will lead The Evaporators on stage for a FREE all ages gig Friday November 2nd at the Sub Ballroom, (University British Columbia , Vancouver) w/ The Tranzmitors, The Pack and Kid Kordene. 7:19 pm Info 604 822 1242

    In show poster image by Mitch Clem, see if you can identify Beck, Snoop Dogg, Danzig, Tommy Chong, Archbishop Don “Magic” Juan, Cynthia Plaster Caster, Michael Moore, Nardwuar, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, Wesley Willis, James Brown, Jean Chretien, Courtney Love, Vanilla Ice


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