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    Kolachy dreams, Miss Moneypenny.

    by  • 10/26/2007 • Halifax, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    Odd collection of dreams… Now I want to find how I can get some frozen Kolachies (Kolachy?) and if I’m going to be shipping frozen food anyway, a couple dozen deluxe steamed buns from New Town Bakery. Kolachy I ran into Kolachy Guy on Spring Garden Road in Halifax. I was walking along listening to […]

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    I have a better idea

    by  • 10/25/2007 • travel • 0 Comments

    My idea is pretty simple, and it will speed up lines at airports across North America… WASHINGTON The government’s terrorist watch list has swelled to more than 755,000 names, according to a new government report that has raised worries about the list’s effectiveness. — USA Today It’s simple, and involves less work in ongoing […]

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    Plenty of time to decide…

    by  • 10/23/2007 • Halifax, travel, Vancouver • 1 Comment

    The plan involves driving back to Vancouver in about 18 months, and the working theory is buy a used band van and drive. That’s 18 months for Tania to learn to drive, 18 months for me to abuse the company’s training subsidy, and 18 months to decide which direction to go… Primarily that amount to […]

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    Dumb dumb dumb…

    by  • 10/21/2007 • life • 0 Comments

    The last five chapters and the epilogue of Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows come off as if they were written by a student trying to meet a word count long after they’d run out of good ideas. It’s rather boring and silly in the first 35 chapters too, but the last handful really […]

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    Shakin’ With The Shaggy Shaker

    by  • 10/12/2007 • insanity, music, Vancouver, video • 0 Comments

    Further proof that video budgets don’t need to be huge to be entertaining or broadcast worthy, Nardwuar the Human Serviette and his band, The Evaporators are Shakin’ With The Shaggy Shaker. Video directed by Joey McGarry from the new CD/LP “Gassy Jack and Other Tales” available Nov 6 2007 from Mint Records. I’m surely biased, […]

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    Things that my dog and I disagree about

    by  • 10/10/2007 • humor • 0 Comments

    I think she needs one of these; she is not so sure. I went to Archie McPhee’s looking for a fez and maybe a pair of cymbals that I could leave on my desk as an extremely subtle message to my managers, but instead I find this excellent dog-sized fez. Tiny Fez Everyone knows that […]

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    Einstuerzende Neubauten Releases

    by  • 10/7/2007 • life • 0 Comments

    New album Alles Wieder Offen from Neubauten is going to be delayed in North America thanks to distributer issues, though I’m not sure how the pressing of CDs delays Amazon and iTunes availability. I suppose it’s some sort of American licensing issue tha the CD distributer doesn’t want to be behind the game when the […]

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