• Wiener Takes All: A Dogumentary

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    From the film’s website and press:

    Well the wait is over! This September Wiener will have both its world and US premieres back to back. Our world premiere will be at the Atlantic Film Festival, a major Canadian festival where we will unspool Wiener for its first public viewing on Sunday September 16.A couple of weeks later we have our US premiere at the San Francisco Documentary Festival.

    Sept 29 we have a sneak peek at the Little Roxie theatre at 2:45 PM (seating is extremely limited at 50 seats), with our big premiere the following night at the famous Roxie Theatre, at 7pm. Baby Luv is tentatively scheduled to appear, and the Kroekers may make a surprise appearance too! — From http://www.wienertakesall.com/

    It’s a decent film, if a bit longer than I’d like. I think that i might work better with a big re-edit into a series of 6-10, half-hour long shows for something like Animal Planet. There is a lot of jumping back and forth between a variety of characters who move at different speeds; a fast talking judge, a very slow woman who appears to have had too many mimosas before shooting, and back to some excited racers.

    It’s a fun film, but not one I’d likely watch a second time in its current form; it’s just a bit too long, and the merits of flipping over to the dog breeders and the greyhound euthenasia video is questionable. I understand the idea, that the dog show people think that dog racing is bad. They also don’t like the white or “double dapple” breeds of dachshunds. That is fine, though I’m not sure what it has to do with the people around wiener racing.

    The race scenes are some of the best bits of the film, even though a single race is over in a matter of seconds. There are false starts, ass-biting, body checks, tripping, somersaults,

    I was reminded of the film Best in Show at a number of times, mostly when Baby Luv’s humans were on screen. At first, I was sure that they were playing it up for the cameras, seemingly beyond the satire of Christopher Guest and company. The longer they were on screen, the more I believed that these were real people who spoke and dressed like this in real life.

    Wow. Maybe Best in Show was more documentary than satire…


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    1. 11/23/2007 at 7:30 pm

      Thanks for the review — yes, Dachshund people (and dog people in general) can be very odd ducks! I really enjoyed Best in Show and being a Dachshund fan may need to check out this new film.

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