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    Well, I’ve always liked short films; partly due to the fact that the bad ones are just over faster. I’d argue that the 90-120 minute range should be more of an exception, with more films aiming to be in the 45 minute range. Think of the Hollywood blockbusters that could have been better dealt with in the course of an hour rather than two, and might not have bored me so badly when I eventually got them as DVD rentals from zip.ca.

    I saw somewhere between three and four hours of short format animation yesterday at Halifax’s Atlantic Film Festival. I’ve listed a handful of them below, and will likely write on some others later this evening. There’s also a number of short films I saw while in Atlanta at Dragon*Con, so there’s going to be a bit of upcoming film content here again…


    Everything Will Be Okay


    “A series of dark and troubling events force Bill to reckon with the meaning of his life – or lack thereof. everything will be ok is the first chapter of a three-part story. Chapter Two will be released in 2008.”

    I missed the opportunity to see this show at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, and my last last chance to see it on a big screen came Saturday night when I found that it would be appearing in a program of short animations at the Atlantic Film Festival. Yes, I have already ordered the “DVD Single” from Bitter Films along with the signed art print and the chunk of 35mm film. I pre-ordered the film without ever having seen it on the big screen; it ships October 12. Then I went and paid $10 at the theatre to see it. Worth every penny, though I think I’d buy pretty much anything that Don puts out, in an attempt to pay him back for the sheer amount of funny in Billy’s Balloon alone; just thinking about the one kid waving gives me the giggles.


    Rocket Science

    I’m going to give something a try that I normally wouldn’t do here, and that’s embed a horrible Windows Media file… This is a great little noir-style film by the name of Rocket Science that was brought to us by The Evil Genius. I have a feeling that the version that was projected on screen last night was this same, tiny flash file, as it did not scale up gracefully. Despite the poor quality of the projected image, I found it funny and charming, and Miss Science from the city was in fact much more use in the field than tied up in bed like some naughty school girl.

    Yeah, so if the box below doesn’t appear, go to the Evil Genius site and watch it there… I’m hot linking at least for the mean time…


    I Met The Walrus

    “In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan, armed with a reel-to-reel tape deck, snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room in Toronto and convinced John to do an interview.”

    An awkward kid spends some time with one of his heroes, and nearly forty years later, a stunning piece of animation brings Lennon’s words to life in a very fitting fashion. Coming soon to those of you in Vancouver during the Vancouver International Film Festival; Oct 10, 9:15pm and Oct 11, 4:00pm @ Pacific Cinematheque

    More information and a short trailer at IMetTheWalrus.com.

    After School Midnight

    In what sounds a bit like a pilot for a horrible sitcom, this visible man loses his guts over a couple spiders. It’s a funny short in a number of ways; the sounds the artificial man makes, the plastic organs going everywhere, and a slippery eye ball. One of the oddest things about the piece was the laugh track. Maybe it was an effort by the Japanese film makers to make the show even more artificial than it was.

    Fetch with Colin and his dog Cumberland from BBC Wales

    You might have to register for the online film festival to view it, but it’s free, and the film’s a minute long, so no huge investment of time. You might have issues logging in to its page at the Bitfilm festival site, but if that doesn’t work, you can go to the main page on the site, and choose “3d Space” and then choose “Fetch” from the list on the side.

    My dog has that same general look of disgust when we try to play a game of Fetch with her, and I’m pretty sure that she knows how to start a chainsaw too.

    From Aardman Animation, a bit of a satire of kids programs in Pib and Pog: Peterís Room. Think of it as being about the hazards of eating things that one finds in tins hidden in teenagers’ bedrooms. Just say no. To the chocolate; the film’s worth a look.

    Ujbaz Izbeneki Has Lost His Soul

    Not someone you’d want to hang out with, this Ujbaz Izbeneki. Wait, I just had the URL for it here somewhere…


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