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    Southern hospitality

    by  • 8/31/2007 • geek • 0 Comments

    Welcome to the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, where politeness and hospitality runs to the shower as well. Even the shower is polite to the point of not wanting to offend with water that’s too hot or under too much pressure. Instead, the water politely requests that the dirt and soap kindly vacate your body, bless your […]

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    In Halifax, of all places

    by  • 8/30/2007 • travel • 1 Comment

    We have checked in and cleared security for the first leg of our trip to Atlanta, Georgia for Dragon*Con. Oddly, Tania escapes notice by the security wand of intrusiveness, but only because it was occupied scanning me. Scanning the top of my head, where I couldn’t hide much of anything; do they have problems with […]

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    Pressed Faeries

    by  • 8/27/2007 • art, geek • 0 Comments

    As if I really need an excuse to go into a camera shop, I came up with an idea for a series of Dragon*Con photos that might be fun. I hold no expectations of the photos being exactly artistic or anything, but they should be fun. Some equipment was required; a circular polarizing filter to […]

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    Even machines can be hopeful sometimes

    by  • 8/25/2007 • art, music • 0 Comments

    I was busily downloading the most recent album that Steven put online for his Hopeful Machines project, and had tired of the slow slow slow browser downloading, and had resorted to wget from the command line to grab the files in the background so that my browser would remain functional. I found myself wishing that […]

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    like running in the special olympics

    by  • 8/19/2007 • angst • 0 Comments

    I hate discussions on the internet about social issues. Someone posts a thinly veiled left wing propaganda piece about a pseudo-anarchic organization in Vancouver; the Anti-Poverty Coalition. This is typically followed by bipolar opinions by everyone. There’s always a representative of each extreme end of the spectrum who speak up quickly and voluminously about how […]

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    Binarysoul postcards

    by  • 8/18/2007 • art • 0 Comments

    The promotional standard of the internet would appear to be VistaPrint, which seems to have different prices for things depending on how you hold your tongue while clicking “buy” on their web store. I went from $99.95 regular price for 1000 postcards to something like $39.95 by clicking on a slightly different URL somewhere. A […]

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    Tourettes or Halifaxese on the sidewalk?

    by  • 8/13/2007 • Halifax, life • 1 Comment

    I don’t typically confront beggars, but when Tania hears one of them say the word “whore” after we walk in the store… I tried to think of a word that, when said by a beggar could sound like “whore”, but couldn’t think of anything. So, when we were leaving the store, I thought I’d ask… […]

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    Satan versus Her Majesty The Queen

    by  • 8/13/2007 • humor, news, politics • 0 Comments

    Satan has filed a lawsuit in a Federal Court, contesting the election reform law that stripped his the Rhinos of official party status in 1993. He’s running in a by-election with a promise to rename the country Nantucket if he’s elected. The Rhino party formed in 1963 with a promise to keep none of its […]

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