• Act as a catalyst for reflection, discussion, and inspiration?

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    This call for film festival entries is pretty wide open; documentary films that will act as catalysts for reflection, discussion, and inspiration… I think that there’s an argument for nearly any doc, short or full length.

    Global Visions Film Festival 2007 Call for Submissions

    Global Visions Film Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is requesting that documentary filmmakers from around the world submit their new films and a festival application to our 26th annual international documentary film festival.

    Global Visions’ mandate is “To promote and present a festival featuring films and videos which will act as catalysts for reflection, discussion, and inspiration.”

    This year’s festival dates are November 1 – 4.

    Deadline for submissions is July 1, 2007. Submissions should be on VHS or Region 1 DVD, in NTSC format; in English, or with English subtitles. There is a $25 submission fee.

    For more details download an application from our website http://globalvisionsfestival.com/

    A direct link to the application form (pdf) for those of you with a doc dying to be seen.


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