• Stunning move by CRTC

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    Ignoring protests from many Canadian television broadcasters and specialty channels, the CRTC, which essentially rules the Canadian airwaves, has relaxed rules about advertising during TV broadcasts. The CRTC is apparently sick of all the whining from producers, executives, ACTRA, and the Canadian public, and is tossing in the towel

    Currently, broadcasters can show up to 12 minutes of advertising per hour, including segments promoting programs in their lineups.

    As of Sept. 1, this will increase to a maximum of 14 minutes of advertising in prime time between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.

    A year later, the limit will increase to 15 minutes across all time periods. As of September 2008, all advertising time restrictions will be lifted. The CRTC will review the impact of these increased ad times. — CBC

    On the surface, this move would appear to help out the struggling Canadian television market, whose executives’ assistants have recently been seen buying GENERIC caviar for the yacht. Instead, this move can only boost advertising revenues paid to websites such as TVtorrents.com, a known non-Canadian organization.

    What is the connection between the CRTC and Bittorrent? Are they trying to kill off Global and CTV by giving them enough rope to hang themselves? Can you imagine, after September 2008, a 30 minute program being stretched to 60 minutes with commercials?


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