• Hello, Bekins Moving and Storage!

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    If I had a quarter...

    It would seem that one of the favourite pages at this time in the Bekins offices in Vancouver is located right here on foo.ca!

    I’ve been keeping a bit of an eye on the log files, and the hits on the Bekins category here are pretty interesting; plenty of referrals from Google. People, intentionally or otherwise are searching on Google and ending up here. Some of the IP addresses are mine, some are friends, but there is a cluster of them coming from one place that geolocator sites tell me is an office in the Vancouver area.

    So I say, welcome Bekins Moving and Storage representatives! Feel free to provide your comments; they’re subject to moderation, but only to prevent prescription selling spam and the like. I’ll approve nearly any other comments for the world to see.

    While you’re here, maybe I could interest you in a mounted photo print such as the above example? I’ll even offer free shipping to anyone working for Bekins anywhere in North America if they can tell just one other Bekins person about what they saw here.

    Tania has been having some great successes with her Etsy sales lately, so I decided that I’d give it something of a go. I’ve started by going through the photos that I do have here, and ones that I have shot on the east coast. Print them, mount them, and sell them. Sure, I have a stock of hundreds of printed and mounted cards that I could sell, but those are all in a storage facility out of my hands. If I had all those tools and artwork, I’d be at the farmer’s market every saturday earning money to pay my moving bills….

    So if you’re interested in dirty photos (no, not boobs and asses; urban dirt) or if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get something in return, then this is the time… Click on the Peep Show image above to be taken to a completely work-safe Etsy store. I’m doing a lot of image scanning and correction and uploading, and will be adding items as I can for the rest of the week at least.


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    1. punk_is_dead
      3/3/2007 at 2:02 am

      so ive read your blogs, i randomly found them.
      u seem to do alot of the turn around complaining too me, a deffenet woman tactic.
      but insults aside.
      did u end up getting your shit back?
      or are u at risk of being sued for slamming a company just so you could throw a party at the cobalt?

      i been there man, u put the beer coasters on top of the glass. helps keep the shit from the pipes in the ceiling from falling in your booze.

    2. 3/5/2007 at 11:06 pm

      I don’t know what "Tania" sells, but I’m beginning to discover that the big success at Etsy goes to people producing cute, quirky, cheap, girlie-friendly stuff, so good luck. It’s not really for selling art, but crafters are making a killing.

    3. 3/6/2007 at 5:06 am

      Hand made chainmail is what she’s selling; it’s not made of felt or ‘vintage’ anything. It would appear that the highest price anything sells for on etsy is right around $40 though…


      I figure it’s worth a shot for the eyes that they pull; ebay is less a venue for artwork than etsy. She’s doing well enough, and a lot better than we were doing with just a self-hosted store. We’ll be floating some trials on ebay again and doing up a proper shop as well.

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