• Sweet Merciful Non-Existent God, It’s D.O.A.!

    by  • 2/23/2007 • Halifax, live music • 0 Comments

    D.O.A. In Halifax April 2007

    The first signs of the spring thaw are here in Halifax. D.O.A is coming to town, and sure I’ve seen them play about a dozen times in the past 4 years, but I’m really looking forward to this. I haven’t been going to a ton of shows, partly due to those financial issues that I’ve written about, and partly due to the serious lack of any shows making themselves evident. I have a theory that the punks head west for the winter and only come back to Halifax to play after April.

    I’ve seen Die Brucke play and enjoy what I heard on The Crimson Tides’ myspace, so looking forward to this one.


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