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    The Daily Show on Racism last night had a piece about a racist who’s being discriminated against and feels that he’s the last unrepresented minority.? At the end, Rob Cordry says, “unless you’re one of these things, in which case I hate your guts ” and a list scrolls and then speeds up to a blur… I wanted to see the hidden jokes in that blur, that invariably appear on such lists, so I paused it.

    • (Whole lot of races, persuasions, etc…)
    • Tivo List Pauser
    • Seriously, Stop Pausing This. What Do you think this is, LOST?
    • 4 8 15 16 23 42
    • (More items)

    I didn’t see “bl0gger” on the list, but the crossover with LOST viewer is probably pretty high.? At least I’m not a TIVO user; MythTV is TOTALLY different.


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