• w00t? What, are you five?

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    There’s nothing I love more than unsolicited email; well, except email that appears unsolicited in addition to being penned by a 13 year old.

    Now, I actually may have signed up to beta test this product, but I honestly don’t remember the name of the product, and I have no idea who this Burton guy is that appears to be sending me this email. He might have developmental issues that make the word “w00t” appear like a sane thing to include in your email to people you haven’t been in contact with previously.

    Honestly, I don’t even want to mention the name of the people or the URLs because I simply don’t want this project to have any added attention due to my mention of it. Maybe you went trolling technorati and spidered email addresses; I use my gmail account on there.

    Subject: TailRank Public Beta Invite ! w00t!

    A while ago you were hip enough to request a TailRank beta account.

    Well we’re in public beta now (w00t!) and we just wanted to make sure you had an

    The blog post announcing our beta is here:


    Also, don’t forget that we have a Wiki and a Forum setup. These are the best places to supply feedback.

    you were hip enough to request…. come on. If you want people to take you seriously, don’t insult their intelligence. On first visit to the tailrank site, I would appear to be looking at the bastard offspring of Rojo and Digg. Digg’s nice, but Rojo has been pretty vile in my experience, so any comparisons I’d make on that end of things aren’t intended to be favorable.

    Well, I like NetNewsWire on my laptop because it works when I’m not connected to the network. I used to be all about the Bloglines, but with the new laptop, I don’t move between computers so frequently. I tried Rojo, but it wasted too much space, and made reading things a pain. It appears that Burton was one of the guys behind Rojo, so that explains some the similar look and feel I would imagine. I like the idea of the shared ranking system, and I like Digg for use in ranking web pages, and I enjoy del.icio.us for the link storage, but for RSS feeds?

    I haven’t found the need to care about collaborative ranking systems for RSS feeds for one basic reason. This is Yet Another Social Network (YASN) that I am told I need, and that I should sign up for and setup my contacts in once more; I didn’t like the idea of getting an MSN IM account when my ICQ one worked just fine, and I don’t like the idea of maintaining 17 different social networking / social ranking systems when I’m working fine now.

    Maybe the email blast could have told me WHY I should care; not insult my intelligence as well as that of the sender.

    I’d like to think that a bulk EMAIL would have a more formal voice than a blog post, but in this case Burton’s post is pretty straight forward and “business casual” and the bulk email is juvenile. I wonder if memos between team members are sent in the internet equivalent of red crayon; Outlook email with backgrounds and 20 point Comic Sans red text.

    w00t!? I’ll import my OPML, but until there’s a reason to use TailRank that’s more obvious, I think it’s more of a “whatever.”


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    1. sedition
      11/23/2005 at 10:53 am

      That reminds me.. I got a really interesting SPAM the other day:

      Subject: I need your phone number (again)

      1. Sorry if you get this twice.

      2. The cell phone died. Got a new one. All numbers lost.

      3. If I havn’t talked to you in awhile, I’m prolly gonna use this as an excuse to call and catch up.

      Thanks in advance!

      It totally looks legit. Although the only Chris that has my phone number doesn’t own this email address. And would never write point 3. Totally slick way of getting active phone numbers if you ask me. Bastards.

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