• When The President Talks To God

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    Not long ago, I downloaded the free track When The President Talks To God by Bright Eyes as a free download from iTunes. I was surprised at how lucid and angry the song sounded, and that it wasn’t more trite pop or R&B bullshit like what iTMS tends to giveaway in their stores. Not one for following charts or listening to radio, I had not really noticed this guy before, and I thought the song bore mentioning here; I went looking for a legal MP3 download I could link to…

    That’s when I found One Good Move had the song as performed on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. I was rather surprised by this, as I always thought Leno was a certified member of the George W. Bush Cult…. The introduction seemed almost reluctant; maybe Bright Eyes’ management has possession of incriminating photos of Jay.

    Check out some of the comments on One Good Move …

    “Something like his performance should not be put on television”;

    “this guy is an idiot . . . you left wing crazies . . . you should respect other individuals, not mock them.”


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    1. 9/4/2005 at 7:58 am

      I love that song and I loved when it was performed on Jay Leno.

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