• Invasions go quicker than this…

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    The president toured the destruction in New Orleans, meeting only carefully screened citizens who held Republican Party memberships and who agreed to sign a loyalty oath and submit to a cavity search; well, not really, but the NYTimes article reads like it was that bad.

    Throughout his day, Mr. Bush did not address the shocking images of the desperate and dying on television, even when he was asked by a reporter in Biloxi “why the richest nation on earth can’t get food and water to those people that need it.”

    Mr. Reporter, if we were to do that here in America, it would be like supporting the terrorists. See, giving people food and water just because they need it is socialism. I’ve added a measure to a farm aid bill that’s going into committee when the government resumes sitting after our holidays. I’m quite sure that it will pass with little effort, and we should see some decisive action happening by the first quarter of the year. I understand that there may be some collateral damage in the mean time, but I urge all citizens of this great land to think of the troops over in Iraq…

    Or something like that.

    White House officials had said that Mr. Bush, in cutting short his monthlong vacation, would tour the region either Friday or Saturday, and in the end he chose the day on which he could arrive simultaneously with the first convoys of relief supplies. As Mr. Bush appeared in Biloxi, cable television channels ran a split-screen image of National Guard trucks bringing food and water to desperate people in the Superdome.

    The New York Times is not this president’s biggest supporter it would seem, but it does seem a bit like using the appearance as PR in an attempt to boost that approval rating of his that’s also under water. Where are the conspiracy theorists suggesting that the hurricane was a CIA operation aimed to do just that?


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