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    It’s not as luxurious as I’d expect, and there’s hardly any 24K gold to be seen. This is not what I would expect to see from this modern day corporate royal named Donald Trump. It’s actually a rather boring looking web page; even Harvard’s Law Blogs look more interesting, and they’re Harvard; not exactly known for dynamism.

    David Carter at iupload posted Tuesday stating simply;

    Looking for some advice from Donald Trump? Now you can visit http://DonaldTrump.TrumpUniversity.com and get it straight from him.

    When I opted to leave a comment on one of the entries on the Trump Bl0g, I recognized the layout of the comment form as belonging to the software used by iupload, so that explains David’s knowledge of the project. The site appears to have been pre-loaded with generic content; it may be the nature of the writers or editors being used. Hopefully in the coming weeks the site will become a bit more dynamic, with the contributors to the blog trying to connect more with the audience. The medium of bl0gging should at least attempt to engage the reader; a magazine doesn’t have to worry about that, and neither does a corporate memo.

    It appears that Trump Bl0g and the other features here are meant to allow Trump University students and alumni to interact, but I’m left wanting on reading the existing content; the Bl0g, the Ask Donald section, and even the Faculty pages feel like empty calories. There are a number of experts that are posting entries to the bl0g itself; Andrew Bein (Faculty Member, Trump University), Michael Sexton (President, Trump University, Adam Eisenstat (Director of Communications, Trump University), and Lieutenant Jack J. Cambria (Commanding Officer, NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team). Hostage Negotiation Team? Other experts are utilized outside of the Bl0g, and those mentioned above may not be all of the contributors; they’re simply the ones credited with posts at this time. The entries that don’t have a byline are credited to nobody in particular; we’re left to assume that these entries are painstakingly typed in by The Donald himself.

    Now; what could be done to make this a useful and informative site?

    The initial feeling that I’m left with is that the site isn’t entirely honest. Intellectually, I know that something is being sold; I mean, this is Trump, so there must be a product of some sort. This feeling is reinforced by the text of these bl0g entries; they’re rather fluffy and high-level. Most of the entries show a very similar voice, as if they were written, or at least heavily edited by the same hand. The useful content is kept light, and there is no connection to the outside world with links or references. It’s a new medium, people; try making use of it.

    I understand that the site is young, and what I’m seeing may be no more than filler content, but entries are dated back a month and there are very few comments on the site; it’s almost like a museum exhibit… I’m afraid to touch it for fear o an alarm going off. They aren’t listed in the Faculty pages (There’s a Sexton, but it’s not Michael); who are they? Are the uncredited posts really The Donald? Does he press the buttons himself, or is he dictating a letter to be edited by another hand?

    I imagine that the reason for the formal tone is based on the belief in the Trump Organization that that’s how one operates in the business world, or that’s how a university faculty would write, but a bl0g; even the Trump Bl0g; should behave just a little bit differently. Consider the bl0g a bit of a casual friday, Donald; even if they don’t exist in the Trump Organization; break out the khakis and the sport coat. Writing on a more informal level might let the readers get a bit closer than a formal memo would allow, allowing the reader to believe that you are talking to them alone, and not to an auditorium full of people.

    I’ll subscribe to the feed for a month and see what happens.

    Oh, and Donald, if you’re reading this, you might want to check out some business blogs that seem to understand;

    There are millions more, but this should be enough homework for today.


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