• Advertising dilemma

    by  • 8/7/2005 • geek, meta---ging, movies • 0 Comments

    I decided to start advertising my film site a bit to try to push a couple more people there, and picked a couple rather popular sites to place test ads on.

    I recieved an email tonight that my ad had been approved by one of these sites, and that it was now in rotation. The trouble is that I never completed the payment through PayPal, and so it should never have gone ahead. I wondered about it for a bit, logged in to the site, and sure enough, there was my ad on the page.

    This is a bit of a problem for me, as I don’t like getting something for free like that; oh, I like free things, but I’d rather get them legitimately. So, I had to find the admin’s contact info and send off an email. Hard to say whether my ad impressions will be gone before the admin has a chance to pull it, but I did what I could to pull it….

    I’m wondering if there’s a bug in their processing system that could be taken advantage of, and so that’s why I’m not mentioning any site names here.


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