• Geek nostalgia – what was your first address?

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    Good Grief has a bit of a thread growing about what people remember as their first email address. While I don’t imagine that I have anyone beat, here’s my bit.

    Hmmm… I can only find a pair of my old addresses now – I know that there was another, earlier one from 1990 or so on the college VAX…

    xint@cuug.ab.ca was my main email address between about 1992-1994 and EMONK+Richard_Murray@ACDM.RDC.AB.CA for 94-95 when we started getting sick of reading it on the VAX and hooked up a PC based bulletin board so that we could do offline reading of usenet from home.

    Around 1995 I picked up a frame relay connection and registered my own domain of icv.net… all downhill from there…

    I had originally signed up for the cuug.ab.ca account for the shell account that the Calgary Unix Users Group was making available. This was the ideal way for me to download an upgrade to my linux computer – I was going to install Slackware version 1.00, and a 2400 bps modem just wasn’t going to cut it. It was easier for me to download with my shell account and then walk into the office with 3 or 4 boxes of floppy disks to move the files back to my home system. It was an amazing experience, and not one I’d want to do again.


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