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    sciencesucks.com game post…

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    Messages from jamison@placeboeffect.ca’s email account. The password for the webmail account is hattiecarroll The funny part about the web mail is that it’s crippled – can’t send or delete… Subject: exit code From: jamison@placeboeffect.ca Date: Sat, December 11, 2004 5:45 pm To: havlek@bethkelabs.com Priority: Normal Options: View Printable Version TCTACCTGGGAAGATGCTTGGGCCTATTCCTCAGCAGTTGGTGTCAGCACGGCTCATGAAGCTGATGAGGACTTTAGAATGGGACTGGCCTCGGGTTGGATAAATACATGCGCCCCCGAAACGTGGAACGCAAGGAGAATTGTAATCAATGGAACCATGAGAAGGTGG Subject: Where are you? From: […]

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    Silly spreadsheet, do what I WANT you to do, damn it…

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    I’m using an Excel spreadsheet to do my time sheets up for consulting, and it works well enough now that I’ve arranged everything to total up correctly. It shows me when I’m over my budgetted-for time, and when I’m under, and gives me plenty of notice about making up for any shortfalls, etc. It shows […]

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    Chewing Gum Alley North

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    Recently there were a lot of postings about Bubble Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo thanks to Boing Boing and a million other sites that linked to the piece over the last couple months. It’s really odd how something can be online, unchanged for months or years, and then be picked up by anyone and […]

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    Maybe 2005 is the year to GET EVIL!

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    Who knew that going to see Jello that it would be political? Shock! December 31, 2004 Neumo’s in Seattle, Washington Jello Biafra w/ The Melvins The Makers The Evaporators Big Business Big Business are apparently a 70s style power rock duo. I’m not sure if that’s what they’re going for, or if that’s just what […]

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