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    Burroughs in The Archive

    by  • 1/25/2005 • art, life • 0 Comments

    There are a number of interesting pieces of audio featuring William S. Burroughs over on archive.org and the lectures I checked out with him and Ginsberg are CC licensed Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial. That search also turns up a couple interesting films and related information that are of interest. Also try searching the archive for Coronet Films if […]

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    Message board spam from teenage girls

    by  • 1/25/2005 • humor • 0 Comments

    From Metafilter today, a bit of message board spam from Ashlee Simpson fans… Not only is pop star Ashlee Simpson lip syncing and manufactured, but so are some of her fans: "I just read about Ashlee in us weekly. Those guys at the football game were total jerks." — mandyc19 Welcome to the world of […]

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    FreeiPodShuffle.com messes up?

    by  • 1/25/2005 • geek, spam • 0 Comments

    Interesting email today… I was credited for completing an offer for the “FreeiPodShuffle.com” site. I didn’t complete anything; as far as I can tell, all of the offers require credit card information, and I never entered any. I didn’t put in real information, but I recieved credit…. So, on the theory that you don’t have […]

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    More credibility to the bloggers

    by  • 1/24/2005 • geek, life, meta---ging • 0 Comments

    This is one of the reasons the ‘blogosphere’ has no credibility, and it has nothing to do with accepting money for advertising or content posts. It has nothing to do with money, and nothing to do with honesty. It’s about fact checking. Earlier this month, major Bucharest daily Libertatea published a story saying two Romanians […]

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    Ethical decisions aren’t always black and white

    by  • 1/24/2005 • geek • 0 Comments

    The “Silicon Valley 100” marketing plan has been mentioned a lot over the past week or so, and it’s nothing I see as unusual on the surface. This is one of the biggest perks that ever existed in journalism; being the reviewer whose job it was to review the latest and greatest toys. The unwritten […]

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    Gentoo is up and running

    by  • 1/24/2005 • geek • 0 Comments

    Well, I managed to get the file server mostly configured last night, and had it rebooted successfully before 1:00am. Sure, there were a couple hitches in the grub configuration where I wasn’t exactly sure on the location of the initrd files at boot, and some silly entry errors I made in the grub.conf. Interesting, and […]

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    Rolling back to Gentoo

    by  • 1/23/2005 • geek • 0 Comments

    I ‘updated’ my fileserver / PVR computer here from RedHat’s Fedora Core 2 to Fedora Core 3, and lost the ability to watch electronic copies of movies and TV programs on the big TV. Basically, FC2 was XFree and FC3 was xorg if I recall correctly; whatever it was exactly, I wasn’t able to do […]

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    Kicking the MPAA when they’re down

    by  • 1/21/2005 • angst, humor, life, movies • 0 Comments

    Lovely snip of communications between the MPAA’s worker bees and isohunt, thanks to a boingboing entry. MPAA pieces are in bold, and emphasis is mine. We are writing to follow up on our prior correspondence. As you know by now, we have filed suits against a number of significant BitTorrent operators. We continue this correspondence […]

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    She had a big butt anyway

    by  • 1/21/2005 • geek • 0 Comments

    A MetaFilter entry summarizes a news story very well; Dell dismisses “one-product wonder” iPod as a “fad”. Also says cheerleader who rebuffed him in high school “not that pretty, had a big butt and I think she was gay anyway.” The original story doesn’t make summarize the story nearly as well. “It’s interesting the iPod […]

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    Becoming what you despise

    by  • 1/21/2005 • meta---ging • 1 Comment

    pc4media points to a short entry where Steve Rubel makes an interesting observation that the Blogging Conglomerates are starting to become a bit of what they hate; Congrats to Jason Calacanis – our winner of the week. One of his blogs, autoblog, turned down the opportunity to run VW’s suicide bomber ad. Increasingly I believe […]

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