• Someone is shooting for Steve Ballmer’s job

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    I’ve heard Steve Ballmer say some pretty dumb things, but I think that Nick McGrath might be trying to outshine everyone’s favorite howler monkey (oh come on, you saw the Developers Developers remix) in an attempt to take over role that MS PR has to fight the hardest to downplay…

    I’m not refering to the point where Nick says that Linux security and the non-existence of viruses on the Open Source OS are myths. That’s funny on its own, but it’s a pretty standard attack from MS, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they refered to it internally as “Linux Attack #4” or similar. He also goes on about “Linux Attack #11”; “Who is accountable for the security of the Linux kernel? Also known as the “Who will you sue?” attack. Not that anyone could ever, in any way sue MS for a security breach that caused damage and expect to win.

    Here’s the funny bit;

    “In Microsoft’s world customers are confidant that we take responsibility. They know that they will get their upgrades and patches.”

    Microsoft’s world must be a fanciful place when you’ve got kaleidoscope eyes, huh Nick? I’d like to see this backed up with numbers, but of course one of the numbers, but I know that Microsoft can easily produce a thousand partners who believe that SP2 is protecting their machines from the world.

    “Linux is not ready for mission-critical computing. There are fundamental things missing. For example, there is no single development environment for Linux as there is for Microsoft, neither is there a single sign-on system.

    Wow… I really don’t know what to make of this guy – is he just reciting from the corporate books, or does he really believe this stuff? I would install Linux in an air control tower or on a submarine’s guidance systems before I’d deploy Windows 2003; I guess that’s where Nick and I really differ – I don’t want to kill people in my mission critical deployments.


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