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    I did a bunch of little tiny changes to Nardwuar’s site tonight, mostly long overdue things, adding in a handful of radio shows, and interviews. One of the items that I was looking forward to listening to is the interview with The Melvins and Jello Biafra which took place shortly before the New Year’s gig in Seattle.

    For anyone that missed the gig, the audio for The Evaporators’ set is available for download in MP3 format should anyone be curious what they might sound like. The “Jelvins” set was also recorded for CD release apparently, so keep an eye on Alternative Tentacles for that… it was an excellent show.

    Also, check out the video for God Eat God from Dog Eat Dogma – one of my favorite songs from bobdog. My God is better than your god…

    Saw the Dayglo Abortions again last night at The Asbalt (the new location of the people from The Cobalt Hotel, now at The Astoria… Asbalt). Stood center stage on the very edge of the pit; took some hard hits, and returned the favours in kind. Only caught one elbow to the nose, but retrieved my glasses and SNFU hat without further injury… Excellent show, despite the cute girls making out on the speaker stack not taking part in the ‘Beer For Hostages’ program during the song Release The Hostages. I suppose not every show can be perfect.

    The change in venue is refreshing though, as the bathrooms are much less scary at The Asbalt… There are three stalls WITH DOORS and three urinals. No inch deep puddles of water, the sink works, and there are paper towel dispensers still on the walls. Sheer luxury. Two stages in the place could allow for interesting nights loaded with bands, playing back to back without having to wait for equipment changeover.

    Searching around to see if I could dig up the correct current homepage for the Dayglos, I found one of the best descriptions ever;

    Probably the most offensive punk/metal band that Canada has ever spawned besides Bachman-Turner Overdrive, the Dayglo Abortions have for a good TWENTY YEARS now gone out of their way to shock, disgust and entertain you with songs about dog fucking, parent killing, rape, masturbation, “nuke-ular war” and, of course, recreational pharmacaduticals. They’ve gone through punkish phases and metal phases, and even (for a short period anyway) survived the loss of their leader (The Cretin), but always — and I mean ALWAYS, the Dayglo Abortions have gone for the grossout cheap laugh and backed it up with some of the catchiest, most energetic and often coolest damned metal riffs you’ll hear on this day or perhaps even another, like the Reconstruction. — Mark Prindle

    Pretty much sums them up.

    Also on the bill last night were the bands Neo Nasties (who were in much better form than the last time I saw them play) and Cum Soc. Cum Soc… well, imagine a bad fronted by Barry Gibb, with punk vocals, and metal guitar solos. Oh, and there’s the puking and the Soc Puppet dancers. As they say “Fuck music! We’re Cum Soc!” It’s an experience, but then again, so is a root canal; I’d recommend Cum Soc over a root canal most times. Worth seeing, just don’t stand witing vomit-range of the singer.


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