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    I started to write a post about Marqui and how it differs from another, smaller scope CMS that I’ve been looking into, but I was distracted by a video blog that I had never seen before; oh! shiny!

    This is the beauty of the internet, and of blogs; it’s all out there forevere; all the mental masturbation and self congratulatory crap is out there in the open for everyone to see. Forever. Every half-thought thought is logged in all of its glory, spelling and grammar be damned. It’s all about talking about something that other people are talking about OTHER people talking about. It’s one big circle jerk. . Here I am, talking about someone talking about people who talk about other things people said, and one of those people they’re talking about is ME talking about someone else. Grab a seat, and start stroking… yeah, that’s a bit more crass than it sounded in my head. Oh well.

    I watched the latest installment of Better Bad News, mostly because I was curious after a comment on one of my latest entries lead me to their blog. The video for January 29th shows about what I would imagine a trackbacked conversation about ethics or being paid to blog would look like; without any of the straight out name calling. I initially thought that the video was going to be old footage re-dubbed, based solely on the main ‘announcer’ who appeared to be right out of the factory that gave us Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and the rest of the talking heads. Interesting video, and funny at points, especially the older woman’s pieces and the guy with the plaid shirt who speaks in the way many blogs are apparently written – in fits and starts, with bad pauses.

    For the record, I’m doing the BzzAgent thing to investigate how the program works, and to see how their clients feel about it — for no real reason other than personal curiousity about the marketing, and not about the “stuff” that they’re promoting, or who they’re

    Check out the last third of David Weinberger’s talk; he has some interesting things to say about how a blog is different from journalism. Not that blogs are poor quality or are somehow less worthy than journalism, but that it’s a different medium entirely. He states that he’s a journalist, and that he writes slowly for that, but that blogging is FAST, and that it’s not so much about journalism or huge essays, it’s about putting one’s self online in a way that editorials and opinion columns in print just don’t. The whole thing is worth a listen, touching on a number of topics quickly, and in a relatively entertaining way.


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