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    The spam message, which came from a free web based mail account of course;



    I am whitney harrison an american business woman with client all over the world,as i was searching through the web i came across your web and i will like to purchase some items from your store in other to complete my client order. I will like to here from you if you can be able to ship directely to my company in Nigeria so that wecan proceed proper with the items needed. Also we will be responsible for the shipping charges and we will be making all payments via my company credit card details, so i will also like to know if master card or visa card is acceptable by you.
    So we await to read from you ASAP if you will be able to take our order.

    Hope to doing a good and lasting business together.



    I felt that this one was simply too good to pass up — I mean, they wanted to order products that they saw on my website, and I felt the need to ensure that this Nigerian wasn’t one of those crazy scammers. I mean, how could someone screw me over paying by credit card? Okay, okay, I know it’s a total scam, but I had to respond.

    That sounds great. Which of the products were you interested in; the single colour ones or the ones with multiple colours? We do international business only by wire transfer, which you can fund with your credit card without issue. The single colour units are US$5 each, and the minimum order is 1000 units. Please let us know what colour and quantity you’re interested in.

    If they want to order these products, I’d send them off immediately as soon as I get a wire transfer from Western Union. Though, there is no way they’re actually talking about anything I sell on my website, so I could send anything. I’m choosing seed beads. You know, the little tiny beads where a thousand of them fit in a little envelope…. I neglected to mention that shipping would be included in the price. Oh well.


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