• Mac mini price cuts

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    Apple has dropped some of the upgrade prices, which will help to reduce the cost of buying the MiniMac that’s decked out; one that’s more of a real computer than the stock model.

    When Apple introduced the Mac Mini earlier this month, it was the lowest-price Mac ever. However, customers at Apple’s online store noted that adding extra memory or wireless abilities could quickly add several hundred dollars to the $499 price tag. […] Upgrading the diminutive desktop to 1GB of memory initially cost $475–almost as much as the computer. It now costs $325. Apple also reduced the price for adding Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme to $99, a $30 drop, and it cut the price for upgrading to an 80GB hard drive to $50.

    I know that 1GB memory modules aren’t cheap, but those are still pricier than component sticks of RAM that can be picked up in any computer store, so I don’t think that’s exactly a bargain, but the AirPort Extreme price puts it in line with third party options like USB 2 wireless dongles, etc. Thanks to CNET news.com for the tip.


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