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    That movie blog I was talking about…

    by  • 1/25/2005 • life, movies • 0 Comments

    I’ve started to post new content to that movie weblog I mentioned earlier. This is tied in loosely with a number of other sites and will eventually form a real network of sites, sharing revenues, etc; that’s the theory at least; I’m doing it because I need another excuse to watch movies… I need a […]

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    Mac mini price cuts

    by  • 1/25/2005 • geek • 0 Comments

    Apple has dropped some of the upgrade prices, which will help to reduce the cost of buying the MiniMac that’s decked out; one that’s more of a real computer than the stock model. When Apple introduced the Mac Mini earlier this month, it was the lowest-price Mac ever. However, customers at Apple’s online store noted […]

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    Winner Spam of the Day

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    The spam message, which came from a free web based mail account of course; HELLO SALES, GREETINGS FROM WHITNEY HARRISON INTL, I am whitney harrison an american business woman with client all over the world,as i was searching through the web i came across your web and i will like to purchase some items from […]

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    Burroughs in The Archive

    by  • 1/25/2005 • art, life • 0 Comments

    There are a number of interesting pieces of audio featuring William S. Burroughs over on archive.org and the lectures I checked out with him and Ginsberg are CC licensed Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial. That search also turns up a couple interesting films and related information that are of interest. Also try searching the archive for Coronet Films if […]

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    Message board spam from teenage girls

    by  • 1/25/2005 • humor • 0 Comments

    From Metafilter today, a bit of message board spam from Ashlee Simpson fans… Not only is pop star Ashlee Simpson lip syncing and manufactured, but so are some of her fans: "I just read about Ashlee in us weekly. Those guys at the football game were total jerks." — mandyc19 Welcome to the world of […]

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    FreeiPodShuffle.com messes up?

    by  • 1/25/2005 • geek, spam • 0 Comments

    Interesting email today… I was credited for completing an offer for the “FreeiPodShuffle.com” site. I didn’t complete anything; as far as I can tell, all of the offers require credit card information, and I never entered any. I didn’t put in real information, but I recieved credit…. So, on the theory that you don’t have […]

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