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    Kicking the MPAA when they’re down

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    Lovely snip of communications between the MPAA’s worker bees and isohunt, thanks to a boingboing entry. MPAA pieces are in bold, and emphasis is mine. We are writing to follow up on our prior correspondence. As you know by now, we have filed suits against a number of significant BitTorrent operators. We continue this correspondence […]

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    She had a big butt anyway

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    A MetaFilter entry summarizes a news story very well; Dell dismisses “one-product wonder” iPod as a “fad”. Also says cheerleader who rebuffed him in high school “not that pretty, had a big butt and I think she was gay anyway.” The original story doesn’t make summarize the story nearly as well. “It’s interesting the iPod […]

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    Becoming what you despise

    by  • 1/21/2005 • meta---ging • 1 Comment

    pc4media points to a short entry where Steve Rubel makes an interesting observation that the Blogging Conglomerates are starting to become a bit of what they hate; Congrats to Jason Calacanis – our winner of the week. One of his blogs, autoblog, turned down the opportunity to run VW’s suicide bomber ad. Increasingly I believe […]

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