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    Interesting Trackback Development…

    by  • 1/19/2005 • geek, spam • 0 Comments

    There may be something bad in my version of Spam Karma that’s been screwing with my trackbacks. I had version 1.7 of SK installed, and had one or two tiny little glitches with moderator-approved comments not working as expected once they were moderated, also a couple trackback issues that I never thought to attribute to […]

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    I’m apathetic about nofollow…

    by  • 1/19/2005 • geek, spam • 2 Comments

    I have long since taken care of the comment spam problem here on the bankrupt artist, and the google implementation of nofollow is questionable at best. I see many spiders that don’t represent the big search engines, and some that identify as nothing exceptional, or masquerade as just another browser. Sure, that browser is requesting […]

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