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    I don’t get nearly enough third degree burns

    by  • 1/17/2005 • geek, music • 0 Comments

    Since my hands haven’t felt the sting of the business end of a hot soldering iron in years, I’m contemplating putting some of my mint tins to use in new ways, building little electronic projects Pocket amplifier We built a little mic preamp kit not that long ago, which worked pretty well, but this would […]

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    No trackbacks?

    by  • 1/17/2005 • geek, meta---ging • 2 Comments

    I’m having a recurring problem here that’s confusing me; my trackbacks are either being ignored or simply aren’t being generated. There’s no real logging of the trackbacks in WordPress that I’ve notice, and there’s no error report, etc, that would indicate that there’s a problem, but the trackbacks just don’t make it to the place […]

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    Tim O’Reilly kicks Pirillo’s butt…

    by  • 1/17/2005 • angst, geek, life, work • 0 Comments

    Like I said before, Chris was jumping to conclusions; The first level of indent is Chris, and the second is Tim; UPDATE: Ignore everything that was written above (which I won’t delete, so that you might understand the following). Direct from Tim O’Reilly’s mouth: I would have thought you’d ping me before putting something on […]

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