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    Podcasters and consistancy don’t mix.

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    I don’t expect those of you who are doing podcasts to be extreme professionals, but I do expect that you would want to make it as easy as possible for people to listen to your shows… There are a couple of you out there that change the naming convention of your files every day; sometimes […]

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    All of the internet’s woes will end…

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    Dave Winer has the answer to life, the universe, and everything sitting in his inbox and he’s not sharing; Last night I got an email from someone I’ve been wanting to hear from for a long time. There’s a problem on the Internet, a big one, that only one entity can solve. The email outlined […]

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    Stiff Valentine and Caustic Pleasures

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    Went to see a couple local bands play last night. Pretty decent show for the most part. Stiff Valentine is a mostly solo project by LoudChris (with help from his imaginary friend Bob last night) providing a bit of noise and screaming on top of electronic tracks and guitar. Caustic Pleasures features LoudChris on keyboards, […]

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    iMac Rumors Exposed!

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    The following is taken from a post over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog; Yes, it will boot headless, meaning with no display or video device connected, enabling you to have what I like to call an iServe. While it is strongly recommended that you only have an Apple Authorized Service Provider crack it open and […]

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