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    Maybe it’ll be a collector’s item in 10 years

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    I received the huge welcome kit from the BzzAgent.com people today. It’s BzzTastic! There are some BzzStickers in it, and some text that is only slightly different from that on the website — maybe a couple fewer Bzz’s on the pages, but that could be just a statistical anomaly. There’s a piece in the “What […]

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    On Being Marqui’s Tool…

    by  • 1/12/2005 • geek, meta---ging • 1 Comment

    There’s a mention over on the Marqui Blog about how a competitor of theirs is calling Marqui and their bloggers “pond scum.” I, like other Marqui bloggers, went and checked out the story. I’m putting a lot of words into something that’s really a non-event… It would appear that David is just trying to be […]

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