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    On the Crisp Ads in the RSS feed…

    by  • 1/11/2005 • geek, life • 1 Comment

    I got a bit sick of seeing these ads pop up in my feed, advertising spam-quality merchandise like discount drugs and discount software. I might look at them again when the type of advertisements that appear in what is supposed to be a technical channel become the technically targetted ads I expected. So, I’ve removed […]

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    My new desktop hardware….

    by  • 1/11/2005 • geek • 0 Comments

    Mac Mini Default config at $599; 256MB DDR333 SDRAM – 1 DIMM 80GB Ultra ATA drive Combo Drive 56K v.92 Modem Mac OS X – U.S. English 1.42GHz PowerPC G4 Upgrade memory to 512MB; $75 Upgrade to SuperDrive; $100 Airport Extreme; $79 Wireless keybord and mouse; $99 AppleCare; $149 The best thing about this whole […]

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    Ding! Dong! Troll for sale! CHEAP!

    by  • 1/11/2005 • geek, humor • 0 Comments

    Jeremy has a bit of a troll problem; basically he feels that he’s not putting the troll to use at its potential. So, he’s going to let the troll go, cheap, and let his loss be your gain. Bid Now! Okay, in reality, eBay is likely going to close the auction out, but what the […]

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    Amazon reviews on Family Circus books….

    by  • 1/11/2005 • humor • 3 Comments

    Not since the vibrating Harry Potter toy vibrator… er… BROOM have I seen anything quite as amusing. One of the highlights is that the REAL reviews are voted as being unhelpful, and the ‘joke’ reviews are rated as very helpful. There seems to be an attack on goodness and decency and Bil Keane on a […]

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