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    Marqui new hire?

    by  • 1/10/2005 • geek • 0 Comments

    Marc sums up the latest in the Marqui realm and I notice one interesting sentence… And wait till you hear about our “conversation coordinator” we hired! Waiting for results from her – as we speak. I’m not sure if this is a person that Marqui has brought on staff, or if this is refering to […]

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    Independent Film…

    by  • 1/10/2005 • life, movies • 0 Comments

    Well, I’m going to start doing a bit of writing on yet another web log, because I simply have too much free time on my hands currently. All that time that I would otherwise just laze about, eating freshly peeled grapes from the hands of my numerous servants… It’s going to be a movie blog, […]

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    Piece of advice if you ever try phoning me…

    by  • 1/10/2005 • angst, life • 0 Comments

    I don’t like the phone. Anyone who does is either crazy or has never worked in a telephone technical support capacity. I liked the phone when I was in high school, well before that ill-advised stint in telephone solicitation of magazine sales (Alberta Report if you must know; a rather conservative fluff magazine). I didn’t […]

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    My own army of chimps

    by  • 1/10/2005 • geek, humor • 0 Comments

    Well, it looks like I can begin to assumble my army of winged monkey, the big problem is that I’ll have to do it one part at a time. I’ll be happy to start with the head and follow it later with a body and wings. $129 is a freaking BARGAIN, assuming that this is […]

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