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    Shrink wrap EULA on Spyware…

    by  • 1/8/2005 • geek, life • 0 Comments

    From InfoWorld; The license agreement on DirectRevenue’s website states that those who have been inflicted with it “agree that you will not initiate, permit, authorize or assist any third party or application to remove the Software from your computer, or disrupt its operation or the operation of any other user.” Get this; you download one […]

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    What your IT people want for you

    by  • 1/8/2005 • geek • 0 Comments

    There’s a whole lot of marketing effort put into targetting the executive and marketing staff of companies with little to no consideration about what your IT infrastructure is ready for, willing to support, and able to work with. I know, marketing a CRM solution such as Salesforce directly at the IT staff is silly, because […]

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    Open wireless is everywhere

    by  • 1/8/2005 • life • 2 Comments

    I had to go into the studio to drop off a bunch of rent cheques and brought along the laptop with the wireless on a whim. I fired it up and sure enough there’s a really powerful wireless connection throughout the place. I’m assuming that it’s Andy’s space upstairs, but hard to tell without poking […]

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