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    More Space Oddities

    by  • 1/6/2005 • life • 1 Comment

    I went to reply to Chris Vance on his MSN Space and was rejected by the server on submission with a “This space is currently unavailable” error. At least initially… tried again and it went through. I’m waffling on the comment order thing… it makes sense in a way that it’s consistant with the typical […]

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    Odd Spaces

    by  • 1/6/2005 • geek, meta---ging • 2 Comments

    I was commenting over on Torres’ MSN Spaces based site, and noticed a really bizarre problem. I was getting wordly, and all of a sudden my keyboard stopped working. The text entry cursor was still flashing away, and the mouse was able to reposition it, but I couldn’t type anything new, and I couldn’t backspace […]

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    Sending foreign aid to US residents…

    by  • 1/6/2005 • life • 0 Comments

    30 Something has a post about sending food products to a US destination. “Food?” he replied, saying like it was a dirty word. He thrust a piece of paper in my hand. “You have to call them and apply for a number. After getting the number, you come back here and we’ll mail your package.” […]

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    Whew, thankfully the economy is getting better

    by  • 1/6/2005 • angst, life • 0 Comments

    It’s a good thing the economy and the dollar are doing so well, or this would be a worrying trend … Reuters — Initial U.S. jobless claims surged unexpectedly last week by 43,000, taking claims to their highest level since late September, a government report showed on Thursday — but an official noted there were […]

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