• Silly spreadsheet, do what I WANT you to do, damn it…

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    I’m using an Excel spreadsheet to do my time sheets up for consulting, and it works well enough now that I’ve arranged everything to total up correctly. It shows me when I’m over my budgetted-for time, and when I’m under, and gives me plenty of notice about making up for any shortfalls, etc. It shows me my banked / owing hours, my daily average hours, running totals in hours and in billable cash. I break everything down by the department and task depending on where in the company the work is done – QA, R&D, etc. Pretty decent.

    Recently, the list of departments and categories has exceeded what can be comfortably be displayed on my screen at one time, and so I have to scroll to see the totals that show me my billed hours… I recalled that you can split and freeze the header of a sheet, so why not the footer? Well, apparently it’s impossible to freeze the bottom of a sheet. Sure, I can split it, but it’s still scrollable, and I don’t WANT it to scroll. Searching google shows that I’m not alone in my desire for a locked footer on my sheets, but I suppose that sort of feature isn’t something that’s likely to make it into Excel, because it’s not in my best interests as they are determined by a committee in Microsoft.

    At least I can split the sheet, and the split does reappear on loading the saved sheet… small favours, I suppose.


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