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    When marketing programs are exposed….

    by  • 12/21/2004 • angst, life, music • 0 Comments

    “Campaign of deception” These fan club members were basically members of the artist’s Street Team, and now they’re being blamed for the astro-turfing (artificial grass-roots campaign) and the lies. The thing is that Street Teams are the unpaid reps of the artist who do things specifically that the PR firm and management can deny later; […]

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    Beastie Boys, meet The Beatles

    by  • 12/21/2004 • music • 1 Comment

    While I was busy downloading the Beastles mashup that I saw listed on Boing Boing, I poked around on the main site, and found a really nice mix of Yoshimi Battles Snoop Dogg which sounds really good put together like that. Some of these Beastles tunes are better than others, and so far I think […]

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    And you think you had it bad…

    by  • 12/20/2004 • angst, roomies • 0 Comments

    So, your room mate hasn’t cleaned up the kitchen counter after making a sandwich, or maybe they never clean the sink in the bathroom? Well, you might just be doing okay – it’s all about perspective. Has your room mate shat on your stove? He shat in a lot of our fixtures. He would put […]

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    Dan Sherman takes blogging MLM… sort of…

    by  • 12/20/2004 • geek • 0 Comments

    I read Dan Sherman’s web log – he has some interesting business ideas, many of which could actually be worked into profitable scenarios. It may be that he doesn’t have the time or the direct knowledge of the industry that an idea would require, and so he posts the idea to his blog. It’s a […]

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    Wikipedia is everywhere

    by  • 12/20/2004 • geek, life • 2 Comments

    I installed Trillian Basic 3 on my work machine today, and thought it was crazier than usual. I was seeing green underlines under a LOT of words that I couldn’t possibly be spelling incorrectly… Like Edmonton… It’s a Wikipedia lookup, which is neat, but of questionable utility… Words like ‘shit’ or ‘everything’ were popping up, […]

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    Metafilter membership, it is MINE!

    by  • 12/19/2004 • humor • 0 Comments

    I fully intended to sign up for Metafilter when they began allowing new users again. I’ve wanted to reply to posts there before, but without an account, I had to resort solely to muttering under my breath at my computer. Sometimes there would be yelled accusations and maniacal laughter… For a $5 nuisance fee, it’s […]

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    Christmas in the year 2003, as seen from 1974

    by  • 12/19/2004 • geek, humor, life • 0 Comments

    Oh, so very very close… Because of the incredible advances in automation, machines might well be doing most of the work in our factories and offices, and so everyone might have much more leisure time. Many people believe that this will lead to a revival of handicrafts of all kinds, both because everyone will have […]

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    And you thought those flash rooms were tough….

    by  • 12/18/2004 • geek • 0 Comments

    Re-discovered this puzzle thanks to MetaFilter. Jerks. Images with hidden text that’s nearly black on black, crazy hidden morse code, spooky sounds, etc… I hate Internet Explorer-Only pages, but this is entertaining… More so than the Crimson Room and its ilk were. Given, I’m only on level 5 here of 80+ levels, so we’ll see […]

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    Somehow I’m able to break things…

    by  • 12/18/2004 • geek • 0 Comments

    Thought that I should make an attempt at publishing with the Marqui CMS to my own site, just to see what would happen. I resorted to firing up the Trojan Magnet known as Internet Explorer for a quick run through, as there were a couple more spots I found that didn’t function quite right in […]

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