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    Robin makes some excellent points on Marqui and SEO. SEO is apparently an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which is a field that I really don’t have any patience for. The way I understand it, it’s all about making your site more popular than it deserves to be. You may as well rename your company “AAAA Aardvarks Inc.” just to fall first in the white pages.

    When I looked at the default META tags that are included in pages that I published from the Marqui CMS, there was a complete copy of the text of the web page included, making the pages roughly twice the size that they need to be. How does this really help in making you rank higher on the search engines? Is there something magic to including the text of your site twice that makes Google work better?

    There’s a lot of talk of paying some company to submit your site to search engines that also boggles my little mind. I can’t keep search engines away from my pages – I get new spiders constantly. How do you attract a search engine to your pages? It’s simple; register a domain name and someone will typically spider it within 24 hours. If you have an existing site that’s indexed in Google already, link to your new site from that existing site, and amazingly enough, Google will find its way to your news site in no time. If you’re really pressed to raise your status and pagerank quickly, get people to talk about you on their weblogs, and perhaps pay them each $800 a month to write about you 4 times, and THAT will help raise you in the search engines mighty quickly.


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