• Replacements Needed

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    Replacements Needed

    Replacements Needed,
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    Found a pair of protest posters all over Seattle… I just appreciate the twisted approached.


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    1. 2/23/2005 at 9:05 am

      Thanks for the support

    2. 4/29/2005 at 7:43 am

      Right on , we appreciate all the support we can get. Thats what makes America great the fact that we can all express our viewpoints.
      Keep the torch of liberty burning bright, we are all in this together.
      — OSA:
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    3. Barbara Tomlinson
      8/22/2005 at 12:01 am

      Hi! saw you, Tom, at the Museum of the Mysteries exhibit! Don’t know if THIS is where you said I should post my stuff! I’ve been looking at some of the “blogging” sites — but, they cost money, don’t they? Do you have your own site somewhere around here, and I’m just not seeing it?
      Anyway, there is a LOT on the Internet just now, on ANOTHER 9-11 type of “False Flag” attack being imminent. They’re saying, that all soldiers’ leaves for the month of September, have been cancelled. They’re saying, that Bush is DESPERATE, and needs some “distraction” from Cindy Sheehan and plummeting approval ratings! They’re saying, that Cheney is OBSESSED with Iraq, and cooking up an excuse to attack there. And, they’re saying that there WERE “false flag” war game simulation exercises, with nukes{!}, scheduled — just like similar simulations took place during 9-11 and 7-7 in London — and, that because of all the publicity on the Internet, all the exposure, these “games” were then cancelled! {Or, were they MERELY postponed???}
      ANYWAY, I say — because of reading I have done in the right-wing {fantasy} press, that the TARGET OF THE NEXT BUSH ATTACK, will be in September {the anniversary of 9-11 would be “cute”}; it will be on American soil; it will be of course BLAMED ON “Bin Laden” and “Al-Qaida” — and then USED as an excuse, with the same twisted logic as 9-11, to attack IraN; and, IT WILL BE A NUCLEAR ATTACK. This is what that nutso press is WARNING about. These authors ARE Bushite mouthpieces. {Paul Williams is the one I am about to cite.}

      In “retaliation”, Cheney has ALREADY DECIDED he is going to nuke IraN.

      The target of this “false flag” attack, is going to be, probably, VALDEZ, ALASKA. {Please inform your friends.} This was on a list of “sure targets” in Williams’ book — for nuke hits by Bin Laden — the ONLY CITY that did NOT fit on his list of Major American Cities. That is why it stood out to me. {Intelligence people, according to spy novels I have read, are LOOKING for “anomalies” like this.}
      So, be afraid, be very afraid; don’t go on that cruise or on that camping trip to the wilds. {Watch the film “Grizzly Man” instead.} Alaska is perfect for a nuke hit; few casualties, nothing that matters much to the elite is up there; a Gov, Murkowski, who is a real SOB and would co-operate; a small nuke could completely take out Valdez, NO survivors or eyewitnesses, and the area sealed off by the Military for “security” so no investigation or pesky questions; State under Martial Law, oil and mining and logging companies could do ANYthing they chose with NO interference; border with Canada sealed shut, no draft-dodgers or deserters finding refuge any more. Small, isolated, remote; if Valdez didn’t exist, they’d have to invent someplace like it.
      Well that’s it for this evening, hope this is ok to post here; love your posters of course tho some of them make me sick to my stomach {as intended}.You can move this to the right spot if this isn’t it? Will check back here maybe next week. Barbara T.
      EVACUATE VALDEZ! If there is an “elite” there, they’ll probably get word in advance that they should take a “long vacation” elsewhere.

    4. 10/25/2005 at 10:52 am

      Yeah the exhibit rocked huh?

      I do have my own blog, website and message boards all up and running. The site is on every poster and the rest is linked to the site so it should not be that hard to find.
      As for Nuking Valdez well I’m in doubts that they would nuke their oil fields and processing plants, but maybe?

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