• Nobody pissed me off on the trip down…

    by  • 12/30/2004 • angst, life • 0 Comments

    Surprisingly enough, nobody on the bus or at customs decided to cause me any grief. Our only little bit of dumbness came when we checked into the hotel. The Bell Man insisted that he had to put the entire bill on our credit card upon checkin, despite my specifically asking about that on the phone with reservations the other day.

    “I’m sorry, but it was declined, do you have another card?”

    I told him that I was going to give him $400 and he got confused and ran off to give Tony (reservations guy)shit for telling people the wrong thing. The night manager came up behind him and asked us if we wanted to just put down the cash instead, and I said that’s exactly what I was requesting of the Bell Man. I held 4 $100 bills in my hand, and I wasn’t doing it just to feel the intaglio on Franklin’s features… I had them out and fanned specifically to hand over for the room. The manager lady was together, and seemed a bit confused that the Bell Man wasn’t willing to take CASH.

    Conslusion: it’s not just people who you’re traveling with on the bus that are out to get you, but people in the hotels as well.


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