• New Year’s Eve with “Celebrities”

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    A commercial on local Vancouver TV was advertising a night of wining and dining with celebrities, and I was only able to make note of one name that was listed; Nadia Wit. No offense to Nadia, as she has more entries in IMDB than I do, or than anyone I know personally. That said, on the TV ad, Nadia was credited as “Nadia Wit — ‘ER'”. If you check her listing on imdb, you’ll see that her role on that series was credited as “Cancer Patient.” Not even a name on the script, just “Cancer Patient.” What can you say to someone with credits like this? “Boy, I really liked the way you lay there and grimaced when they inserted the IV – so believable!”

    I didn’t find a list of the other celebs that would be in attendance – maybe a local news anchor and a writer for one of the free weekly magazines? I’m sure that this event will be worth the price of admission to those that don’t mind paying for the privilege of hanging out with celebrities that don’t make any list… A list, B list, etc… they’re so far outside of the game, that they’re not technically a celebrity. I’m sure these people are all nice people and deserving of love and respect, but they’re being “marketed” as celebrities – people who you will know the names and faces of.

    At least Gilligan or one of The Monkees could be advertised as a celebrity. Unnamed bit players on a network TV show don’t cut it.


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